Dutch Technology Alliance

The power of the alliance


Dutch Technology Alliance

The power of technology is the core of all our companies. All different, all complimenting one another. The collaboration between our employees, our subsidiaries and our customers is our most important success factor. It is the power of the alliance, that constantly creates new activities and employment. Opportunities that we seize with a solid ambition and that we use to shape the future together.

Our companies

The core of Dutch Technology Alliance

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    The collaboration between our employees, our entities and customers is our key success factor.

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    Our multidisciplinary nature gives us a holistic view of technology.

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    People are the driving force behind everything we do. That is why we let the technicians take center stage.

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    It is our professionalism, expertise and solution-oriented thinking that distinguishes us in the market.

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    We contribute to the improvement of technology and everyday life through continuous learning and development.

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    We are entrepreneurs at heart, seizing every opportunity to shape the future.

Dutch Technology Alliance
in numbers

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    FMI is established in 1962

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    We work from 25 locations throughout Europe

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    Seven entities that together push boundaries

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    We have an annual turnover of over 120 million

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    700+ craftsman working together on one goal